While it's fresh in my mind: A Dream of Space Travel

Last Night's Dream:

It was very far into the future. Astronauts had gone to space many times over. Now its our turn.
My sister and i were travelling by shuttle. The crew had flown before, quite some time ago. Their faces all familiar, but i can't quite place them. i always thought outer space would look black, white white specks for stars. But it was so much more magnificent than that. There was a hint of nostalgia as i looked out. I kept thinking that it couldn't be real, that it was a projection and we hadn't even left earth yet. It looked just like the pictures from the Hubble telescope. Each system was colorful and swirly and bright. So i searched for a real window, not the passenger view screen. I found it, and it was just as the view screen showed.
But when i found the real window to outer space, i found something terrible...

More on this later.

------------ADDITION 11:27 p.m. September 21st 2011--------------

My memory of what we found is a little hazy but i'd venture a guess that it was some sort of virus. I remember it sort of melted whoever it touched. And the crew of the ship was not the crew that was originally hired to man the ship. they were a crew from a past voyage that had hijacked the ship in order to return the virus to outer space. The passengers were put in an interesting position. This caused contentions to rise. It was up to us to decide the fate of everyone on that ship.