At what point do you think it is okay to completely cover yourself in perfume before you board an airplane?
I mean seriously. We're going to be confined to a very small very crowded space for the next FIVE HOURS!!!! and right now we're just sitting in the terminal several feet away from each other. MY EYES ARE BURNING!
show a little consideration. gosh.


Don't be an idiot.



I wanted to be a pilot when i grew up because i wanted to be like Murdock from the A-team.


How to deal with the Dragon Lady:

Call her out on her bad behavior.
Respond in a mature way.
(i.e. Don't call her names.)
Make sure she knows she doesn't scare you.
Follow up with a nice note asking her to leave you alone.

In the event of a repeat situation, Call 911 and have her arrested for trespassing and harassment.



Engrish Lesson 101: How to use your chopstick.

From my airport Chinese food chopstick wrapper.
More Engrish that i can normally handle...


While it's fresh in my mind: A Dream of Space Travel

Last Night's Dream:

It was very far into the future. Astronauts had gone to space many times over. Now its our turn.
My sister and i were travelling by shuttle. The crew had flown before, quite some time ago. Their faces all familiar, but i can't quite place them. i always thought outer space would look black, white white specks for stars. But it was so much more magnificent than that. There was a hint of nostalgia as i looked out. I kept thinking that it couldn't be real, that it was a projection and we hadn't even left earth yet. It looked just like the pictures from the Hubble telescope. Each system was colorful and swirly and bright. So i searched for a real window, not the passenger view screen. I found it, and it was just as the view screen showed.
But when i found the real window to outer space, i found something terrible...

More on this later.

------------ADDITION 11:27 p.m. September 21st 2011--------------

My memory of what we found is a little hazy but i'd venture a guess that it was some sort of virus. I remember it sort of melted whoever it touched. And the crew of the ship was not the crew that was originally hired to man the ship. they were a crew from a past voyage that had hijacked the ship in order to return the virus to outer space. The passengers were put in an interesting position. This caused contentions to rise. It was up to us to decide the fate of everyone on that ship.


Leonard needs 3 places to hide

1) drive in movie
2) Karaoke BBQ
3) Filming Bridges

1) Train fish to do tricks
2) Create Something Delicious
3) Catch a baby owl

1) Build a new container
2) Study
3) Have fun


have fun with your onion!

My world is becoming increasingly creepier to people who aren't a part of it. that makes me nervous. but it also makes me appreciate the people who are a part of my world, for putting up with my awkardness.
Whats for dinner tonight?
Thrift store appetizers followed by a main course of MSM sandwich and energy drink. Desert will be homelessness and good times. i hope. that's the plan anyways.

OOOOK so. i was sitting here, pushing the button that says "Publish Post" and it was quiet. and the stupid hound dog that lives next door starts howling its brains out. then all the sudden i hear these voices from outside. like... there were these kids in the bushes by my bedroom window. kinda freaky. but it reminded me of the time that me and katy and kimber were trying to find our way back to the clearing in the woods by the dump. and we totally got caught trespassing by these people's dogs. and the then people came outside to smoke and we just froze. and stood in their yard for like 20 minutes before they realized their dogs were jumping on us. then we got yelled at.
good times.

so i've just spent the last hour catching up with my past self. me 6 years ago.... such a strange thought. It makes me sad to see how much i've change. how little creativity i have compared to what i had then, which was next to none.
Here is a list of things i miss:
1)not always working during the day
2)spending quality time with my friends
3)remembering things vividly.
4)being able to think without losing my attention to something else
5)ice cream parties

feeling melancholy at the moment..


Back To Reality

And now for something completely different... REALITY

The following photos were taken in Victoria, British Columbia July 2011.

Mr. Spock Visiting the Island at the same time as us. woot!
And apparently Darth Vader has taken up street performing. Nice spin moves Mr. Vader!

Emerald City Comicon 2011

Here are a few of my most favorite sightings of the year thus far:

a Genuine Gundam
Me (sailor Jupiter) and the 4th Doctor.....
I snuck this picture of the 10th doctor

Anti- Venom
Me Again, with my own personal storm trooper...

A weeping Angel, something like a human- TARDIS, and the 5th doctor