i don't feel like i'm at all in the same dimension as everyone else. its like i'm looking in a mirror and everyone else is clear and i'm blurry. and nothing is really happening because i'm observing the wrong dimension. its all extremely complicated. its stressful. its scary. it would be nice to get things right for once. it would be nice if everything was a lie and the real dimension was what things should be

things i don't want to forget

awkward hellos and holding back tears. five mile drives, confessions, sneaky deer, hippo ponds and mustache trees. Meaningful conversations. growling tummies, fishwiches, corn dogs, dirty windshields, and switching shoes. getting all the red lights, throwing things (religious emblems, moss, chains and the like) off of bridges, how to use my camera and pictures in the sky, leaving a very stinky bag of garbage on the street, lifelong promises, the BNI and dates that don't change digits (090909.) Really long parking lot hugs. Getting ready to drive away only to realize your shoes don't match. more long parking lot hugs. Remembering a friendship bracelet that you keep forgetting. even more long hugs.tears shed on the interstate and most important...a really good friend.