a page torn out

so much has happened. I feel very overwhelmed. No. I feel almost nothing. Ambivalence. Or something like it. Almost like i've missed the programming that makes me human. and i'm suddenly learning how to feel and it's all coming at once.. This is almost enough to make me overload. As usual.

the good news is.... there is no good news. Right now i want to just disappear. Become someone unknown, unseen.

If it were up to me i'd start over a million years ago. Fix every dumb mistake ever made by anyone. I'd give that to my best friends, and their best friends. Aren't i generous?

I wish i could sleep. My eye is twitching. I think that means it's saying "hey dumb dumb, you're not sleeping enough. Hit the hey already."

i guess it's time to dream unsweet dreams of hate, disaster and the usual, yet again

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