sometimes i think lonely people buy vans so they can keep their kids with them at all times, or so they can steal other peoples kids to keep with them at all times.


For just a few minutes Monday night she forgot she was a grown up and had more fun then than in nearly twenty years.

Twice she said to much. Still it did not seem to matter to anyone there that she might at any moment become someone totally different than who she appeared to be. And they knew this was a possibility too.

She slept better that night than she had in a long time, for there was work to be done in the morning and she couldn't risk forgetting something.

In the morning she forgot the most important thing. Which she remembered she had forgotten but it was already too late. And the day went on as normal as any other day, even though something was missing.


things i don't remember

every day i wake up a little bit earlier. i think the loss of sleep is making me lose my mind.