an enviable view point

you looked nice tonight.
the dark rain of today has been perfectly matched by the radiohead song (fade out) that randomly played during a burst of downpour.
condensed milk screwed me up good. i was sick. i fell down some stairs. i tried to laugh this off. but i'm still feeling the effects. i cant' wait til this passes.
tomorrow shall be a convergences of past and future. I'm not entirely sure how this will go. i'll probably need a shot of tequila to get myself through it.
i'd like to go live in the woods for some time. maybe that's what i'll do if my current situation requires a great deal of change. i'll find a cabin. and read all day. i better start saving my monies.
i was walking down the stairs at my apartment last night. it smelled like child hood memories. which caught me off guard.
this morning i woke up longing for the past, for a time when things seemed so hard, but upon reflection were much more inviting than now.

please forgive these thoughts of the past