going crazy

so since i've been feeling so insane and like i might kill someone lately....
Here's what happened on friday night.
Randee and i leave taco bell to head down to monster trucks at the T-Dome. and i'm waiting behind this van at the light to turn left on to 15th ave. and the van starts backing up. and since i'm in gear and can't get into reverese quick enough i just lay on the horn hoping that the driver will stop. but he doesn't stop. and after he makes contact with my front bumper he still doesn't stop backing up.
So i set my burrito down and get out of my truck and walk up to his door, and he has no intention of getting out until i do this. and i snap and start yelling at him "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!" etc. and and just stumbles out of his van drunk as can be cigarette hanging out of his mouth and says:
"oh i didn't see you there.... i was trying to make the light go"
and i reply " AGHHG!!! you don't have insurance do you?"
he says "no. it didn't do any damage anyways did it?"
i just yelled at him to "get out of here"
All the while randee's sitting in the truck eating her tacos thinking to herself "taco, or help natalie fight with this guy, taco or fight, taco or fight"
Stupid jerk. i should've punched him the the face
anyways monster trucks was just a great way to forget about my bent license plate, but i could totally sympathize with the demolition derby.