all in all i think i've had the crappiest week ever. Which is severly disappointing because it was the first time in years it has snowed enough to keep me from leaving the house.

Though now i'm painfully aware of my desire to live the rest of my life in my bedroom watching paul newman movies. Never to meet a new person ever again, and right now i really feel like i could go for the rest of my life without ever seeing another person again.

But here are highlights.

Thursday much good fun in the sledding area by our house. And good time spent with friends.

Friday work butt off day. Roller skating, which i have little to say about except it just reminded me of some stuff i had hope to keep locked in the brain vault for years more.

Saturdy work morning, breakfast, home to read and listen to records for hours. Which was perfect. If i could spend my every waking moment like that i would be the calmest person on earth. Evening rolls around more snow hits the ground and walking is our only mode of transportation. The rest of the evening is a something i prefer not to ever relive again, and yet another motivation for me to stay in doors for the rest of my life. The result was a sprained thumb, many bruises in many ways.

Sunday we wake up really late, the rest of the day i don't really remember, which makes me think we didn't do much of anything at all. maybe walked to the grocery store?

Monday canceled work again. This was the best day! Went to marysville built and igloo at the walker's and had a blast.

Pictures of snow can be found here: www.npackage.buzznet.com


P.S. i realize that doesn't seem all that crappy but i left out the life changing bits, like when i lost my ex-boss's stupid dogs. and other things i'd rather not talk about. so you're going to have to trust me on this one..

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