Early Morning Suits You Well

I'm feeling extremely unproductive lately. Really looking forward to August and September. Wishing i had more time to myself. And more time with those i haven't seen enough.

Trying to make myself feel better.
don't worry i'm on my way out.

These are the things i've been dreaming:

{in reverse chronology starting with last night}
0.I dreamt that i got three speeding tickets in one day. Two were your average speeding tickets and one was astronomical $6,657 for going ten over. The cop said that making the ticket that much was the only way he could avoid arresting me.

1. (Batman comes out tomorrow night/friday.) I Dreamt there was a sneak preview on tv and i was watching it, and realized i was watching it and got really mad at myself but i couldn't stop watching it. Then i realized it wasn't the one with christian bale and heath ledger, it was one with a hodge podge of people who have been in batman movies and was thusly very decieving because it was new and it seemed like all the actors that were in it should be in the new batman.

2. I dreamt that i was traveling from town to town with my mom. Like we were nomadic. and we stopped in a fishing town. In the fishing town was a big beardy fisherman that i had met previously. we fell in love. But as usual i didn't bother investing an real emotions into it because i knew we'd both be gone before long and why risk feeling hurt?

3. I dreamt that me and randee were in a shipwreck and we survived because we're amazing. And since we were so amazing, the coast guard wanted us to train to be their rescue divers for the Bering Sea. So we did. This was some very hardcore training. It involved swimming in the bering sea. And i couldn't get the stupid gloves for my wet suit thing or the hood for it on cause it was too small and so i did the training without them and it was cold. But i lived. It built character.

4. I dreamt that Tegan and Ryley had a second wedding ceremony and a guy from off the street came in during the wedding and put his finger in the cake.

5. I dreamt that Tegan, Ryle, Kuma (tegan & ry's puppy), Randee and i were in the woods exploring this old abandoned house and i was sitting in our car when i wild pack of dogs and wolves started stalking us. And i saw them before it was to late and started yelling "WOLVES! WOLVES" and everyone ignored me. So i got out of the car and told them we need to leave. but by the time i got their attention it was too late. We were surrounded. (argh i just knocked my coffee over and it spilled all over my desk) And kuma who was very protective at first looked like she was about to turn on us. she was acting really weird, like she was stifling her wild dog tendancies. So i decided to sacrifce myself so my friends could get away. None of them tried to stop me so i walked up to this chow and expected it to eat me or at least attack me. But it just pushed the top of its head against my leg really hard. And suddenly i understood what was happening. The dogs/wolves were trying to figure out ways to communicate properly with humans. and when they pressed their heads against us they could.

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