i've been so philosophical today

what is today

how come the kids that sleep with their eyes open are already kind a creepy and weird? As if their general creepiness isn't enough, they have to sleep with their eyes open.



camping is never as much fun with out you.

pictures of sasquatch .. some anyways.


i'm losing touch with reality.



i think my biggest cause of stress right now is lack of communication. it's not that i like to be in control, though i think that's probably how it comes off. It's the opposite in fact. quite different. I'd prefer to not be the decision maker, that job is better suited for someone with stronger opinions. i'll give my input but i could usually careless about the outcome. passive.

But my point is that i'd just really appreciate it if instead of assuming i'm a mind reader people could just keep me informed.

For instance, at the begining of every month i go through our outstanding invoices and call people to collect on them. This month my boss neglected to inform me that he is giving certain customers a break on paying there bills cause fishing has been crap this year. So i call them, politely remind them they still owe us money and they inform me that "Shawn said they didn't have to pay til july"blah blah. Don't worry i told him how annoying that was, and how much i'd appreciate it if he kept me filled in on that kind of stuff.

Or just now i called a customer cause there was an invoice sitting on my desk for something we need to ship and it's got stuff written all over it. So i call them, tell them we need to get payment before we ship and they lady is like "oh i just talked to shawn about that, he said we dont' need to worry about it til next week" GAH!!!! i am so tired of apologizing for this kind of stuff. it's so retarded. JUST TELL ME! that's all i ask.


i'm the same straight faced fat kid

i'm tired of dreaming.
i'm tired of my dreams keeping me up at night.
i'm tired of my dreams distracting me during the day.
i'm tired of dreaming things so horrible i wake up crying.
i'm tired of dreaming that good things go horribly wrong.
i'm tired of dreaming everything is dark.
i'm tired of dreaming about death.
i'm getting just very tired.