This weekend: and Overview


The talent show. Superb! i think we got the best audience reaction of any skit saturday night. As soon as people realized what was going on (when fozzie and kermit appeared) they flipped out and were screaming and cheering us on. and afterwards all the little kids ran over to us and were climbing all over us and asking to play with the puppets. it was pretty satisfactory.

After breaking my phone and getting a new one then running into daniel and devon totally randomly and then starting the creep justin out plan. we went to the vandals show. ohmygosh so good. i think i needed a good fun punk show really bad. i remember now why i stopped getting to into crowds and mosh pits (i'm a big bruise today) and i also now know why punk girls have shaved heads/short hair. i don't think i've ever lost that much hair in such a short time. but the crowd was awesome. not by any means bothersome or annoying, kind of an older crowd, which makes sense cause the vandals are getting old. it was almost like all these old punk guys brought their 12-16 year old really awesome kids. it was also the cleanest crowd i've ever been in. usually when you're in a crowd covered in other people's sweat it smells awful like death b.o. and the stinkiest farts. but it smelled like shampoo and flowers and perfume. even the big fat guys smelled kinda nice. that was a shocker. and even when you did get knocked over or loose your glasses some big 40 year old guy immediately dove down to pick you up and make sure you're okay or help you find your glasses. and besides all that the vandals just put on an awesome show. they were hilariuos and just all around really amazing. i'm glad i went. so thanks to mike for inviting me.

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