i had an interesting memory today while i was dropping my over salted french fries into my frosty. I owe this wonderful phenomenon to my older and occasionally wiser sister.

That's how i came up with that name for her, the older and occasionally wiser sister.

Every once in a while she really knew what to do with something. for example, dunking fries in a frosty. I seem to remember picking the tomatoes off of my burger when she said something like "if you ever run out of ketchup and you need something delicious to dip your fries in, try your frosty. it's great"

but knowing my sister she probably didn't figure this out by accident, like most foods we ate as a child they were experimental and out of necessity.

Take for instance the cheese and Cinnamon quesadilla.

or the popcorn with whipped cream on.

or the pizza or burger in a cup. Let me just point out that this was not our idea originally and was also a very bad one.

we also had such foods as cherry coke meatloaf, the butter(with or with out Cinnamon and sugar) quesadilla and so many more.

Actually our kitchen was more like a laboratory where we were constantly concocting new recipes for traditional foods.

So i ask you this how could anyone not call us scientists!

i would also like to point out that the first suggestion for spellcheck on quesadilla is "queasily"