the fat man walks alone

no really he does... down 15th ave heading south into the wind. He had this look on his face like dogs get when they stick their heads out the car window. He looked like he was almost proud that he was holding the street down in this violent wind storm. And at the same time getting the desparately needed air conditioning of a 30mph wind that you just don't get in an office packed with cubicles.

the trees today looked depressed and poor. this fall 2007 wind storm ripping off the last of their summer clothes, leaving them naked for the winter. 'it's too soon' they whisper as they grasp for their oranges, yellows and the occasional greens. Perhaps we'll knit them some scarves to keep them warm this winter.

the power was out in my neighborhood. it's actually a comforting feeling to sit and read by the afternoon light. And at the same time when the power comes back on there is nothing like the humming sound of electricity.

you never know how much you love something until its gone and comes back again.

thats a true fact.