Life as we know it

apparently it's been a realyl long time since i've used blogger with the internet because they've made several changes. and i can't access those on my cellular phone. anyways. so new ways new days.

update on myself goes as follows.

i bought a truck. 2001 toyota tacoma 4X4 5 speed. it's a total two weeks old to me now.
i had a boyfriend for week. i didn't like that so it's not happening anymore.
i'm going to Coachella this year with Randee and Katie. And spending some time in los angeles. that should be super duper fun.
Randee and i are thing about moving to south seattle this summer when our leases are up that will be great. less rent would be super duper.
what else?

tonight we went to denny's and this really really fat 12 year old walked in and when i saw her my jaw dropped. She looked at us with a face full of tude. then when she walked fast i said "did you see that. her ass was as big as me curled up in the fetal position." then i drew a pictuer of it. we laughed for like a full minute.

OH! you know what else. i can read books again. which means i think i'll be able to keep this thing going more than i did before. writing feels good. i think i'll be doing more of that.

OH! and i totally bought this amazing vintage record player Stereo at an estate sale for $20.00(US) and it works just fine. so new ways to play records. that feels really good and comforting to come home from work throw on a dave brubeck album and read a book instead of watching that 70's show. ugh. what a lame brain i've been the last year.

now i shall depart.

n. package