Last night me and Randee came up with the hottest new kitty treat/toy. It's called a catnipmellow.

Basically what this is, is a marshmellow that we found on the coffee table in our living room stuffed with catnip.

Hubble loved it. she carried it around with her all night, chewing on it, throwing it, and just sitting with it.

Newton on the other hand couldn't quite figure out what was so great about it but was definitely jealous of the fun hubble was having. but he just didn't get why the cat nip wasn't outside of the marshmellow. so we poured some on the floor for him which he guarded with his life almost all night, until he forgot about it.

At any rate our market research says these catnipmellows will be a huge hit, because all the kitties that get the idea of it have to have one and the ones that don't get the idea still have to have one just so they look cool.

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