good news for people who are happy they aren't dying

so here it is folks.


unfortunately there are two other reasons for my unbareable sore throat.

A) the common cold


B) MONO!!!

ugh... anyways the good thing is that they gave me vicodin for the pain. awesome....

the doctor said that if i'm still sick by the weekend then i should get a blood test and find out if i have mono... we'll have to wait and see i guess.


today is marlborough anniversary day... that means that today is the anniversary of the province in new zealand called marlborough. has nothing to do with the marlboro cigarette company. so strange. why does my calendar tell me things like this?


crispy elephants

Apparently there is a reason why people see little pink elephants when they're drunk. i believe it stems from the elephants natural inclination towards alcohol.. No seriously. Any idea what a drunk elephant might do?

Check out this link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21432722/?GT1=10450

Remember the begining of he movie "cool hand luke" where Luke (paul newman's character) is cutting the heads off of parking meters. Well mulitply that to elephant size... and here's what you get...

Drunken elephants pulling unility poles out and carrying them around town.

I can't help but wonder what these guys were thinking when they pulled the utility poles out of the ground... probably something like...

Elephant 1: "hey man.. DUDE!! BRO! let's steal these people's cable and watch wrestling all night"

E2: "I Dunno man... how do you think *hicup*we might do that?


E2: WHOA!!!! Man you just blew my mind.

and so on..

and can you imagine just how much beer an elephant has to drink to get drunk enough to uproot an active utility pole!

The lesson here is kids: When you're drunk, don't play with electrical poles....
or Don't feed your elephant beer


the fat man walks alone

no really he does... down 15th ave heading south into the wind. He had this look on his face like dogs get when they stick their heads out the car window. He looked like he was almost proud that he was holding the street down in this violent wind storm. And at the same time getting the desparately needed air conditioning of a 30mph wind that you just don't get in an office packed with cubicles.

the trees today looked depressed and poor. this fall 2007 wind storm ripping off the last of their summer clothes, leaving them naked for the winter. 'it's too soon' they whisper as they grasp for their oranges, yellows and the occasional greens. Perhaps we'll knit them some scarves to keep them warm this winter.

the power was out in my neighborhood. it's actually a comforting feeling to sit and read by the afternoon light. And at the same time when the power comes back on there is nothing like the humming sound of electricity.

you never know how much you love something until its gone and comes back again.

thats a true fact.


tonight at eight it's man vs/ godzilla

Home home on the range....
i'm home. i'm tired. and a little sunburnt.
but. i can't complain because it feels good to see the kitties and the house and to be productive.
hubble has a new thing where she tries to attack her reflection in the sliding glass door. what a newb....
anyways here are some pictures of.... uh. oh yeah. the last week. (for more photos click the link above)



Last day here. Now i'm stuck on the plane in kona waiting to get home. See you in 7 hours seattle.


After the plane ride from hell, in other words, we were delayed for hours. Ugh. Hawaii doesn't look much different than anywhere else at night. We'll see how it looks in the morning when I've had something to eat.


this isn't a letter at all.

tomorrow we take off. it's going to be sad. and fun. and then sad again. i'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow. i'll try to keep telephone style pictures posted up all week.

am i ever so glad for vacation.

and also for the very important people (you know who you all are) who i got to spend this weekend with.