I wish i was at home with the kitties right now. Three days til the big day. Five until the vacation starts.


it's been a while

this morning when i woke up two wonderful things happened...

1. my cat was sleeping with me.
2. the heater turned itself on.

Fall is here and things are good.

in 6 days i turn 21.
in 9 days i go on vacation.



this week is the work week from hell.. nothing to do. owner here all day every day.... ugh. don't get me wrong i like my boss enough, but he's just a super stressful human being. and since him and his wife are here so s hyper active 1.5 year old granson. which actually is kind of a blessing since he can keep me occupied while i have nothing to do...

i can't wait to go home!

Tomorrow is the Puyallup fair. Happy is good. Do the Puyallup!


vacation/ farwells

hawaii in three weeks exactly. a real real vacation one week gone. it's gonna be so nice. so sad to say goodbye. but going with is so much better than seeing my sister off. vacation is gonna feel so good.


tuesday's monty cracked me up

it's been a while old friend

finally finished moving and unpacking. bunk bed is set up. not necessarily sturdy on top but put together for sure. tv set up. closet jam packed with stuff. laundry is done. still no power to three of five rooms in our apartment. but tonight i sleep well.

and much like this crappy summer, fall is starting off the same way. there is something i'm obligated to do every weekend and most week nights. i long for the long nights of winter time where i can just sit around doing nothing.

watched life aquatic from my new bunk bed last night. that made me very happy. i love that movie more every time i watch it.

next big movie deal will be an all day event.... lord of the rings the trilogy. now we just need to set a date and time.

now its time to get back to work...