things i like right now

It's good to hang out and really get to talk with your friends that you see all the time but don't really get to have a good conversation with.

i like having people over and cooking dinner for them, providing that it's not a large group of people and i have enough food to go around.

ice cream parties are good too.

i also like starting the day doughnut in hand friend across the table. it makes going to work a little easier, even on the crumiest of days.

it is nice to be at the same place in your life as your friends, for the most part anyways, independent, doing your best, getting by the best you can, and supporting each other because we're all in the same boat.

i like giving my friends gifts that i know they will love because it makes me happy that i know my friends well enough to give them something that matters. i also like spending unnecessary amounts of money on people other than myself.

i like sleeping in. but that rarely happens so i treasure it when it does.

i will always like newton, he's probably my bestest friend in the whole wide world
good night.

cheesiest post ever, but thats whats on my mind.


cowboys and indians

spending the weekend at my parents house.

nice. sort of.

the new kittens are scared. one of them is sick. he has been sleeping on me a lot. i hope i don't carry the disease to Newton.

hopefully something fun tonight. plans aren't going accordingly. Chad is a dum dum sometimes and he got on the wrong ferry this time. i think this makes mathias sad.

anyways, hopefully something fun tonight.

otherwise much sleeping.



you can't always get what you want.

how did that song get stuck in my head?

rearranging furniture feels good. even if it doesn't end exactly right. i think it's good because i got to vacuum places i dont' normally like behind my couch and under it. which was disgusting. i blame the boys who threw candy at each other from the kitchen to the living room.

ugh. i'm so hungry right now i can't even think. that makes work hard.

it snowed last night. it's so nice out today though. cold. but very sunny.

i'm ready for summer.

i'm ready for los angeles.

i'm ready for t-shirt weather.