i hate my neighbor

That's not entirely true. He's a good guy in general. But every once in a while he looses cool points by playing music in the middle of the night. Normally i could deal with this, but it's not like a cd is being played. It's actually him and his buddies playing instruments and singing along like drunk idiots. And to make it worse, they play crappy songs like i want it that way. Over. And over. And over again. What woke me up tonight was (oh great nirvana) actually his friends talking. It was as if they were in the room with me. So loud. Unbelievable. I'm going to be a mess in the morning.


Three day weekend

Thursday was get the flu and throw up seven times day. I actually thought i was going to have to in to the hospital i was so dehydrated. Then lets see. Friday i was back to work and i really shouldn't have been. But it's the bread it buys. Then saturday was baby sitting day. Seven hours. That was exhausting. 4 to midnight. Then sunday going away party. And today brunch and ren and stimpy all day. Good weekend minus the being sick part.


The plight of a party goer

I make a point of telling people when they invite me to parties that i don't do parties for a very few particular reasons. 1. I have terrible social skills and will inevitably say something that i or the host will regret later. 2. I have anxiety and large groups of people make me nervous. 3. People usually expect me to dance and that is really not even an option. I don't find it fun at all and if you force me to do it i'll be even more irritated which brings up back to my social skill problems and anxiety. So a word to the wise. If you expect me to attend your party you should follow these simple rules. Don't ask me to dance. Don't expect me to look happy. And don't be offended if i leave early.


The way things are

today i deleted my myspace. It feels really good. Like i've got this monkey off my back. I really like not feeling ashamed for having one anymore. And it just follows suit that i am learning to stand up for myself. First with the big things and now with smaller things. It's the small things that are hard for me to manage but i'm definitely getting there. Anyways i don't think i'll miss myspace at all. Maybe i'll miss the easy contact to other certain people. But i've come to realize that if they really cared about me they'll find a way to get in touch with me. So we'll see how it all works out in the end. Anyways those are my final thoughts of the day now it's time to hit the hay. Heart, natalie.