easier done than said

now we're here...

anyways i'm thinking of going on a liquid diet. which essentially means that i plan on only eating things that come in the form of liquid. Now there will be obvious exceptions to this rule, a little stretching of the strictly liquid idea.

You might be wonder what exactly could i eat that is liquid only and sustain my life.

well here is a brief overview of the menu i thought up.

-fruit smoothies
-milk shakes
-protein shakes
-oatmeal (now heres one of those stretches, it's mostly liquidy its just thick)
-soup (another stretch, but! still liquid, the soups with chunks still count)
-beverages such as juice, coffee, tea
-melted ice cream (i cannot go without ice cream)

that gives you a pretty good idea.

Now you're probably thinking.. "well this is never going to happen. You has a very low level of commitment to these sorts of things.... Remember the shapes diet"

and yes this is probably true. it might last a week or so before i become completely malnurited. or before i just stop doing it. thats what happened with the shape diet. it got kind of expensive and time consuming to eat only one shape per day so i dropped it like a hot potato. but i will admit to you now that only eating one shape per day was probably one of the most OCD fulfilling things i've ever done.


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