easier done than said

now we're here...

anyways i'm thinking of going on a liquid diet. which essentially means that i plan on only eating things that come in the form of liquid. Now there will be obvious exceptions to this rule, a little stretching of the strictly liquid idea.

You might be wonder what exactly could i eat that is liquid only and sustain my life.

well here is a brief overview of the menu i thought up.

-fruit smoothies
-milk shakes
-protein shakes
-oatmeal (now heres one of those stretches, it's mostly liquidy its just thick)
-soup (another stretch, but! still liquid, the soups with chunks still count)
-beverages such as juice, coffee, tea
-melted ice cream (i cannot go without ice cream)

that gives you a pretty good idea.

Now you're probably thinking.. "well this is never going to happen. You has a very low level of commitment to these sorts of things.... Remember the shapes diet"

and yes this is probably true. it might last a week or so before i become completely malnurited. or before i just stop doing it. thats what happened with the shape diet. it got kind of expensive and time consuming to eat only one shape per day so i dropped it like a hot potato. but i will admit to you now that only eating one shape per day was probably one of the most OCD fulfilling things i've ever done.


in case

in case any one cares, or is still reading this, i'm moving the URL of the blog to something else.. i'll keep you posted..


Growing up

"You always know after you are two. Two is the begining of the end."-j.m barrie. i knew when i had to grow up when i was little. I remember my mother reading that book that all mothers seem to read their children. You remember, the one with the little boy on the cover unrolling the toilet paper. I don't remember what the book was about i just remember my mother crying everytime she read it to me and telling me she wished i would stay a little kid forever. How hard it must've been for her to see katy and i grow up.


it's the end of the world. or the work week.

sometimes when the trains go by my work it sounds like an air raid siren


Recipe for a Fantastic Morning

20 hours of sleep
good dinner
peaches and cream oatmeal
mp3 player
starbucks coffee of choice
Sleepy Kitty

Step One:
the night before you might want to eat an early dinner. preferably something filling and healthy. (i.e. chicken, vegitables, rice)

Step Two:
don't clean up the dinner mess let the cat do it (he'll need a good meal too). then when you're both done eating fall asleep with the kitty on your lap.

Step Three:
Sleep as long as humanly possible in front of the tv. Lets say til like 9:30 or so.

Step Four:
drink some water put your pj's on and brush your teeth

Step Five:
Go to bed. and sleep until you have to wake up.

Step Six:
wake up at the last minute make some instant oatmeal and hit up starbucks.

Step Seven:
let your Mp3 player choose the songs of the morning...i think the music you hear in the morning can shape your mood for the day. and if you don't pick sleepy music you're better off.

This morning for me:
hella, hold your horse is
Hood, lines lay low to frozen ground
Leo Sayer, you make me feel like dancin'
Mice Parade, Ende

i'm feelin good.