Space is Potent

today is one of those days where bad things continually happen but i am uneffected by them.

for instance. this morning i woke up late again. like i have for the last two weeks. but i just microwaved some left over oat meal ate that and headed out the door.
then i got to work all was well. i had nothing to do. Which has also been the case for the last two weeks. Somewhere along the line Tyson (the boss's baby boy) started crying, his grandma put him down and i went to pick him up to get him to shut the hell up. and as i pick him up my boss, his grandpa electricuted himself and the baby threw up all over me.

at the same time i'm so hungry i could care less that this nasty white lumpy vomit is slithering down my arm, and my boss's hands are charred. All i can think about is, 'when is it my turn to eat lunch?'

it's amazing what my hunger helps me ignore. for isntance, a friends family is falling apart pretty bad. I've been hearing all this all day long. And my hunger was dwarfing any other feeling i was experiencing.

so i went to the gas station got a muffin, some sun chips and a king sized butter finger. washed down with red flavored coolaide... such a magnificent lunch..

tomorrow is the big camp out in my parents backyard day!!! it's gonna be so much fun.
with midnight swimming. midday swimming. camp fires and the whole shebang.

YAY!!!!! jump for joy with me!


when your camping plans fall through

so twice now randee and i have planned a hiking trip and have had it fall through.

our only option now is to call up my parents tell them we're pitching a tent in the backyard and light a small section of their grass on fire. hopefully my parents will make us breakfast in bed and we'll call that camping trip extraordinary.

that's the closest we're going to get right now... bleck.

aside from that. two weeks ago we went surfing on the oregon coast. that was super fun. that's the most travelish stuff we've done lately.

well.... fooey!