this blog will self destruct on 02-02-2010 13:30

You know how when you buy milk there is a date stamp on it, it usually says "drink before:" or "best if used by: " and then a date. well apparently now they are putting a time stamp on those as well as a date stamp. For instance, i'm looking at a bottle of coconut syrup that says "BEST BEFORE: 06/23/08 14:02" so what does that mean? it's going to self destruct at exactly 2:02pm on june 23rd 2008?

So since i've been noticing this, i did an experiment today. We had a half gallon on egg nog that was set to go bad at 11:59 this morning. so after i was told to throw it away i waited for 11:59. I half expected it to explode in my face when i picked it up at 11:59. nothing happened. so i smelled it. it smelled like egg nog. which always smells bad to me. I even breifly considered drinking it before 11:59 and after to see if it would make me sick. but my next thought was, 'well it'll probably make me sick anyhow.'

So why do they put a time stamp on it now. I'm sure the FDA has something to do with it. but seriously. whose going to care if you throw out your old egg nog a few minutes late?

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