the other day i was watching this public access tv show about drawing cartoons. they guy was really fat and told really lame stories about his pet dogs. and when they showed you how to draw, they filmed only his chubby hands and his crappy cartoon dog drawings. ridiculous!

however, i couldn't stop watching it. it made me want to have a public access tv show. for little kids or something. i have a feeling it would end up a lot like UHF. which would be fun. i really want to do this. who's with me?

one week til moving day!!! i'm extracited! haha extra excited. get it?



so i'm getting my own apartment. in case you didn't already know that.

and my mom is coming to pick me up today.

and newton gets to live with me now.

and the heat is fixed at work.

and there is music and tv at work now.

and i enjoy this.


pooches part 2:

today i found out the nice doggy's name that visit's me. His name is Toro. he is a pretty dog. he likes me because i give him treats. He didn't want to leave me today. I think because i confused him by giving him a treat before i made the coffee instead of after like i normally do. hmmm... but so i know his name now. it's toro. what a cool guy. so nice to know i'm needed.

(oh god.. is this what my life is coming to?)



i think that if dogs could talk, the dogs that come to my work would probably ask their people if they can come see the coffee lady (me) every once in a while. I always give them treats. it makes them like me. and that makes me happy.

but i never give monty treats because then he likes me more and tries to hump me. jerk.


this blog will self destruct on 02-02-2010 13:30

You know how when you buy milk there is a date stamp on it, it usually says "drink before:" or "best if used by: " and then a date. well apparently now they are putting a time stamp on those as well as a date stamp. For instance, i'm looking at a bottle of coconut syrup that says "BEST BEFORE: 06/23/08 14:02" so what does that mean? it's going to self destruct at exactly 2:02pm on june 23rd 2008?

So since i've been noticing this, i did an experiment today. We had a half gallon on egg nog that was set to go bad at 11:59 this morning. so after i was told to throw it away i waited for 11:59. I half expected it to explode in my face when i picked it up at 11:59. nothing happened. so i smelled it. it smelled like egg nog. which always smells bad to me. I even breifly considered drinking it before 11:59 and after to see if it would make me sick. but my next thought was, 'well it'll probably make me sick anyhow.'

So why do they put a time stamp on it now. I'm sure the FDA has something to do with it. but seriously. whose going to care if you throw out your old egg nog a few minutes late?


how to make whipped cream.

it's been a while.. here's a little update i guess...

it's february 1st which in it's own way is exciting because decent weather is on its way. i keep seeing hints of it... like today... it's really nice outside... windy though.. i'd really like to go to the coast. anyhoooo.......

i had a thought today about politics... i think it's going to be my new goal in life to get poeple of all nations to get the worst possible politician into office. I'm pretty sure that is will either produce an extremely amusing war of bad come backs and poorly thought out stabs at foreign religions. And perhaps if we're lucky, this will mean that all of the worlds politicians will end up either unifying on the fact that they are idiots or killing eachother...

so i'm going to encourage you, in the next election vote for the underdog. If all goes according to plan, watching CNN will be kind of like watching that show VH1 plays where they put all the has been celebrities in one house and watch them fight..