a little fable

i found a "will return at:" sign in the cupboard at work. i use it when i have to poop. I set it for 5 minutes. normally i'm back before then.


momma said there'd be days like this... days like this..

bad day. sucky sucky sucky.

the ferry people decided today was a good day to do a fire drill or some such nonsense before they let us on.

every bus was late when i was there and early if i was a moment too late.

everyone made plans with me. then decided to cancel at the most inopportune moments.




know more no more

so i got a job today. i'll be out of here in no time.

i train on friday. start on monday. yay.

time for something to eat.


last of the summer


gallery guys emailed me back finally. said i wasn't qualified enough for the whole closing a deal with buyers... stuff. which is true. and i'm okay with that. i think he would have annoyed me as an employer... on the upside, i have a job interview at a coffee shop near randee's house, it's full time.. so that's a plus. that takes place tomorrow afternoon...

i can't wait until summer comes again. i'm really looking forward to camping and things like that. eehehehehe... i'm excited for outdoors stuff and it not raining 24/7

i had a dream i was swimming, now i really want to go swimming.



I'm still unemployed... I am getting increasingly bored with this. someone find me a job ASAP. that someone i guess is me... but uh.... i'm getting lazy about it.

It has also come to my attention that i am currently very bored with being stuck in the harbor 24/7.

somebody get me out of here.


unemployment day 3

well... today is day number 3 of not being employed. any more. YAY! it's a celebration.

yesterday we began our test drive of the cute little gus gus. For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about it's a dog. he's about 7 inches long. 3 years old. Maybe a Toy siberian husky. ADORABLE! he wears sweaters because his hair got cut too short. So i'm baby sitting him for the week while my sister is at work. Today we went to art and soul to show him off. and then we went to wags which is next door and he loves it there. He slept on my lap the whole way home. such a good puppy....

tomorrow i have an interview type thing at an art gallery in belltown. yay. hoping all goes well...

thats all for now!