i hate my neighbor

That's not entirely true. He's a good guy in general. But every once in a while he looses cool points by playing music in the middle of the night. Normally i could deal with this, but it's not like a cd is being played. It's actually him and his buddies playing instruments and singing along like drunk idiots. And to make it worse, they play crappy songs like i want it that way. Over. And over. And over again. What woke me up tonight was (oh great nirvana) actually his friends talking. It was as if they were in the room with me. So loud. Unbelievable. I'm going to be a mess in the morning.


Three day weekend

Thursday was get the flu and throw up seven times day. I actually thought i was going to have to in to the hospital i was so dehydrated. Then lets see. Friday i was back to work and i really shouldn't have been. But it's the bread it buys. Then saturday was baby sitting day. Seven hours. That was exhausting. 4 to midnight. Then sunday going away party. And today brunch and ren and stimpy all day. Good weekend minus the being sick part.


The plight of a party goer

I make a point of telling people when they invite me to parties that i don't do parties for a very few particular reasons. 1. I have terrible social skills and will inevitably say something that i or the host will regret later. 2. I have anxiety and large groups of people make me nervous. 3. People usually expect me to dance and that is really not even an option. I don't find it fun at all and if you force me to do it i'll be even more irritated which brings up back to my social skill problems and anxiety. So a word to the wise. If you expect me to attend your party you should follow these simple rules. Don't ask me to dance. Don't expect me to look happy. And don't be offended if i leave early.


The way things are

today i deleted my myspace. It feels really good. Like i've got this monkey off my back. I really like not feeling ashamed for having one anymore. And it just follows suit that i am learning to stand up for myself. First with the big things and now with smaller things. It's the small things that are hard for me to manage but i'm definitely getting there. Anyways i don't think i'll miss myspace at all. Maybe i'll miss the easy contact to other certain people. But i've come to realize that if they really cared about me they'll find a way to get in touch with me. So we'll see how it all works out in the end. Anyways those are my final thoughts of the day now it's time to hit the hay. Heart, natalie.


What's with today today?

Newton is bathed and ready to go to the vet. It snowed sunday and yesterday here. Today there has been no snow. Today is a has been day. Tomorrow there is snow in the forecast. But i've had to learn to not get my hopes up for snow because it always disappoints. Ah well such is life. More on this later.


Candyholics Annonymous

Hi, my name is Natalie, and I'm addicted to Candy.
It all started when i was a little kid. To my recollection my parents never limited my candy intake, or perhaps i had already started sneaking candy behind their backs. I'm not really sure. For a while i was back on the wagon again. but last week i fell off. I've completely lost all self control and i can't stop eating candy. crunch bars, after dinner mints, twizlers, jolly ranchers, hershey's kisses. ANYTHING I can get my hands on, i'll eat it. i don't know what to do anymore. please help.


i wish i could be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade

So there is this restraunt or something where all around you is a large aquarium and inside the aquarium is real live mermaids.

i could do that for a job. unfortunately there is a downside. you have to learn how to hold your breath for long periods of time and look pretty doing it. that would be very hard. so basically my dreams of becoming a mermaid and getting paid good money for it have been shattered


easier done than said

now we're here...

anyways i'm thinking of going on a liquid diet. which essentially means that i plan on only eating things that come in the form of liquid. Now there will be obvious exceptions to this rule, a little stretching of the strictly liquid idea.

You might be wonder what exactly could i eat that is liquid only and sustain my life.

well here is a brief overview of the menu i thought up.

-fruit smoothies
-milk shakes
-protein shakes
-oatmeal (now heres one of those stretches, it's mostly liquidy its just thick)
-soup (another stretch, but! still liquid, the soups with chunks still count)
-beverages such as juice, coffee, tea
-melted ice cream (i cannot go without ice cream)

that gives you a pretty good idea.

Now you're probably thinking.. "well this is never going to happen. You has a very low level of commitment to these sorts of things.... Remember the shapes diet"

and yes this is probably true. it might last a week or so before i become completely malnurited. or before i just stop doing it. thats what happened with the shape diet. it got kind of expensive and time consuming to eat only one shape per day so i dropped it like a hot potato. but i will admit to you now that only eating one shape per day was probably one of the most OCD fulfilling things i've ever done.


in case

in case any one cares, or is still reading this, i'm moving the URL of the blog to something else.. i'll keep you posted..


Growing up

"You always know after you are two. Two is the begining of the end."-j.m barrie. i knew when i had to grow up when i was little. I remember my mother reading that book that all mothers seem to read their children. You remember, the one with the little boy on the cover unrolling the toilet paper. I don't remember what the book was about i just remember my mother crying everytime she read it to me and telling me she wished i would stay a little kid forever. How hard it must've been for her to see katy and i grow up.


it's the end of the world. or the work week.

sometimes when the trains go by my work it sounds like an air raid siren


Recipe for a Fantastic Morning

20 hours of sleep
good dinner
peaches and cream oatmeal
mp3 player
starbucks coffee of choice
Sleepy Kitty

Step One:
the night before you might want to eat an early dinner. preferably something filling and healthy. (i.e. chicken, vegitables, rice)

Step Two:
don't clean up the dinner mess let the cat do it (he'll need a good meal too). then when you're both done eating fall asleep with the kitty on your lap.

Step Three:
Sleep as long as humanly possible in front of the tv. Lets say til like 9:30 or so.

Step Four:
drink some water put your pj's on and brush your teeth

Step Five:
Go to bed. and sleep until you have to wake up.

Step Six:
wake up at the last minute make some instant oatmeal and hit up starbucks.

Step Seven:
let your Mp3 player choose the songs of the morning...i think the music you hear in the morning can shape your mood for the day. and if you don't pick sleepy music you're better off.

This morning for me:
hella, hold your horse is
Hood, lines lay low to frozen ground
Leo Sayer, you make me feel like dancin'
Mice Parade, Ende

i'm feelin good.


I love my friends

Today was my sick day from work. I stayed home for being sick and unable to move. And first tegan came over and brought me tea and good cheer. And then randee brought me a box of tea and juicey juice and frozen juice on a stick and chicken nuggets and noodle soup. What great friends i have. And here's to feeling better in the morning so i can in back to work and not loose anymore money on illness.


I love chocolate

So. I got me a new phone here. I can use the internet with it now. And listen to music on it at the same time. I'm pretty happy about that. I also got a dish washer that's pretty exciting too. Anyways now that i know i can do this if anyone actually reads this you can probably expect a lot more posts from me on here. At any rate i'll be up up and away now. Have a splendid saturday night world!


Space is Potent

today is one of those days where bad things continually happen but i am uneffected by them.

for instance. this morning i woke up late again. like i have for the last two weeks. but i just microwaved some left over oat meal ate that and headed out the door.
then i got to work all was well. i had nothing to do. Which has also been the case for the last two weeks. Somewhere along the line Tyson (the boss's baby boy) started crying, his grandma put him down and i went to pick him up to get him to shut the hell up. and as i pick him up my boss, his grandpa electricuted himself and the baby threw up all over me.

at the same time i'm so hungry i could care less that this nasty white lumpy vomit is slithering down my arm, and my boss's hands are charred. All i can think about is, 'when is it my turn to eat lunch?'

it's amazing what my hunger helps me ignore. for isntance, a friends family is falling apart pretty bad. I've been hearing all this all day long. And my hunger was dwarfing any other feeling i was experiencing.

so i went to the gas station got a muffin, some sun chips and a king sized butter finger. washed down with red flavored coolaide... such a magnificent lunch..

tomorrow is the big camp out in my parents backyard day!!! it's gonna be so much fun.
with midnight swimming. midday swimming. camp fires and the whole shebang.

YAY!!!!! jump for joy with me!


when your camping plans fall through

so twice now randee and i have planned a hiking trip and have had it fall through.

our only option now is to call up my parents tell them we're pitching a tent in the backyard and light a small section of their grass on fire. hopefully my parents will make us breakfast in bed and we'll call that camping trip extraordinary.

that's the closest we're going to get right now... bleck.

aside from that. two weeks ago we went surfing on the oregon coast. that was super fun. that's the most travelish stuff we've done lately.

well.... fooey!



well it's been a while. lack of internet access kind of sucks. i'm sneaking on at work again. because for the first time ever i've been left completely alone at my newest job.

new job is going okay. yorman looks like bus driver. but i think he got fired.. not too sure. i got to run the forklift twice now. yay! i think i've started doing yorman's job too... hermmm...

newton is well. drooling as much as ever. spending lots of time on late night excursions....

well that's my update..

ooo hiking this weekend. maybe i'll put up some pictures and a tale or two....

so far just me and randee.



the other day i was watching this public access tv show about drawing cartoons. they guy was really fat and told really lame stories about his pet dogs. and when they showed you how to draw, they filmed only his chubby hands and his crappy cartoon dog drawings. ridiculous!

however, i couldn't stop watching it. it made me want to have a public access tv show. for little kids or something. i have a feeling it would end up a lot like UHF. which would be fun. i really want to do this. who's with me?

one week til moving day!!! i'm extracited! haha extra excited. get it?



so i'm getting my own apartment. in case you didn't already know that.

and my mom is coming to pick me up today.

and newton gets to live with me now.

and the heat is fixed at work.

and there is music and tv at work now.

and i enjoy this.


pooches part 2:

today i found out the nice doggy's name that visit's me. His name is Toro. he is a pretty dog. he likes me because i give him treats. He didn't want to leave me today. I think because i confused him by giving him a treat before i made the coffee instead of after like i normally do. hmmm... but so i know his name now. it's toro. what a cool guy. so nice to know i'm needed.

(oh god.. is this what my life is coming to?)



i think that if dogs could talk, the dogs that come to my work would probably ask their people if they can come see the coffee lady (me) every once in a while. I always give them treats. it makes them like me. and that makes me happy.

but i never give monty treats because then he likes me more and tries to hump me. jerk.


this blog will self destruct on 02-02-2010 13:30

You know how when you buy milk there is a date stamp on it, it usually says "drink before:" or "best if used by: " and then a date. well apparently now they are putting a time stamp on those as well as a date stamp. For instance, i'm looking at a bottle of coconut syrup that says "BEST BEFORE: 06/23/08 14:02" so what does that mean? it's going to self destruct at exactly 2:02pm on june 23rd 2008?

So since i've been noticing this, i did an experiment today. We had a half gallon on egg nog that was set to go bad at 11:59 this morning. so after i was told to throw it away i waited for 11:59. I half expected it to explode in my face when i picked it up at 11:59. nothing happened. so i smelled it. it smelled like egg nog. which always smells bad to me. I even breifly considered drinking it before 11:59 and after to see if it would make me sick. but my next thought was, 'well it'll probably make me sick anyhow.'

So why do they put a time stamp on it now. I'm sure the FDA has something to do with it. but seriously. whose going to care if you throw out your old egg nog a few minutes late?


how to make whipped cream.

it's been a while.. here's a little update i guess...

it's february 1st which in it's own way is exciting because decent weather is on its way. i keep seeing hints of it... like today... it's really nice outside... windy though.. i'd really like to go to the coast. anyhoooo.......

i had a thought today about politics... i think it's going to be my new goal in life to get poeple of all nations to get the worst possible politician into office. I'm pretty sure that is will either produce an extremely amusing war of bad come backs and poorly thought out stabs at foreign religions. And perhaps if we're lucky, this will mean that all of the worlds politicians will end up either unifying on the fact that they are idiots or killing eachother...

so i'm going to encourage you, in the next election vote for the underdog. If all goes according to plan, watching CNN will be kind of like watching that show VH1 plays where they put all the has been celebrities in one house and watch them fight..


a little fable

i found a "will return at:" sign in the cupboard at work. i use it when i have to poop. I set it for 5 minutes. normally i'm back before then.


momma said there'd be days like this... days like this..

bad day. sucky sucky sucky.

the ferry people decided today was a good day to do a fire drill or some such nonsense before they let us on.

every bus was late when i was there and early if i was a moment too late.

everyone made plans with me. then decided to cancel at the most inopportune moments.




know more no more

so i got a job today. i'll be out of here in no time.

i train on friday. start on monday. yay.

time for something to eat.


last of the summer


gallery guys emailed me back finally. said i wasn't qualified enough for the whole closing a deal with buyers... stuff. which is true. and i'm okay with that. i think he would have annoyed me as an employer... on the upside, i have a job interview at a coffee shop near randee's house, it's full time.. so that's a plus. that takes place tomorrow afternoon...

i can't wait until summer comes again. i'm really looking forward to camping and things like that. eehehehehe... i'm excited for outdoors stuff and it not raining 24/7

i had a dream i was swimming, now i really want to go swimming.



I'm still unemployed... I am getting increasingly bored with this. someone find me a job ASAP. that someone i guess is me... but uh.... i'm getting lazy about it.

It has also come to my attention that i am currently very bored with being stuck in the harbor 24/7.

somebody get me out of here.


unemployment day 3

well... today is day number 3 of not being employed. any more. YAY! it's a celebration.

yesterday we began our test drive of the cute little gus gus. For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about it's a dog. he's about 7 inches long. 3 years old. Maybe a Toy siberian husky. ADORABLE! he wears sweaters because his hair got cut too short. So i'm baby sitting him for the week while my sister is at work. Today we went to art and soul to show him off. and then we went to wags which is next door and he loves it there. He slept on my lap the whole way home. such a good puppy....

tomorrow i have an interview type thing at an art gallery in belltown. yay. hoping all goes well...

thats all for now!