The job search continues!!!

last night i put my resume on craigslist and since then i have had two emails offering me jobs and i just got a phone call from west coast careers offering to help me find a job. which makes the job hunting ten times easier!!! YAY!

just a short update on that little section of my life...


make that three job offers...

gang wars

this morning i made up a story about a gang war to cover up the reason why two things were broken. the general gist of the story was that the gelato stakes were fighting with the sorbet stakes and when i got here they were still brawling. But when i attempted to break up the brawl both gangs got jumpy and ended up with serious injuries. I rushed them to the pottery clinic and bandaged them up. that was the best i could do. Then i sent them to the kiln intensive care unit. they are currently waiting for the surgeon to arrive. The condition of both is stable. after they get better, they will be put to trial. They may be able to make a deal with the D.A. if they give up the names of other gang members.

i can't even remember where i was going with that....

poor misguided stakes.