it should be the women who propose, makes a man feel special

Okay so interview today went very well.
it was at the Visions Esspresso stand on 6th and Lander in the industrial part of seattle. The girl was very nice. I think we got a long quite well. she said that if i work at least 20 hours a week the company pays for half of my benefits, that is if i get the job. and It pays a little more than my current job. which is a plus, it's just so little hours that i will definitely need two jobs. But i also asked her about other jobs within the company and she said she'd look into it for me. Now i just have to email her some references... UGH! i can't find the phone numbers i need anywhere. this is getting annoying. ah well.

oh what else? oh right! I had newton taken into the vet's office today. and when i talked to the lady on the phone she said that he probably just has an abscess on his chest. So he's there now and hopefully i'll get him back good as new tomorrow. I can't quite figure out how i'm going to pay for this vet visit... but i'm sure i'll work something out. eep.