so i went up to sea town (as sir mix a lot likes to call it) and started my job search. It went pretty well i got at least 5 resumes put out and about three applications i think. so that is pretty exciting. more searching next week on my days off.

all was going great until katy decided to get really hungry and then really pissy. so we were driving around U-district and she was swearing like a sailor at the traffic. then she got herself lost and i had to find our way back out to where food was. and we went eventually ended up at the taco bell on 15th next to blockbuster. where she proceeded to eat massive ammounts of fast mexican food like a ravenous animal. And upon finishing she asked for more. or her exact words were "AGAIN!!!" with that much emphasis.

but anyways the point is, i'm well on my way to becoming a seattlite. which i'm not necessarily sure that is a good thing. but we'll see how it works out.