blam. awkward.

i find it extremely annoying when i go to use the internet at my house and i can hear someone (i wont name names) downstairs in the office say "oh someones online" and a few seconds later i get kicked off the internet...

how inconsiderate!!!! if you know someone is online wait your turn. jerks.

it is also annoying when you father asks you if you need the car you drive almost every day and you say "yes i need it at 11:30 at the latest." and when you wake up in the morning it's gone as you expected and you wait for it to return and 12:00 rolls around and there is still no vehicle. so you call the driver and ask when they will return and you find out it will be hours and apparently someone gave them the idea that you didn't need the vehicle at all. so you cancel your plans and start making yourself lunch. and you get a phone call from the driver telling you that your father (who now apparently feels bad about the misunderstanding) is on his way back and you can use his car... so you get your plans back together. and another half hour rolls by and you are on the verge of being VERY late and you call your father and he's pulling into the driveway as the phone is ringing. and so you can leave.

also very inconsiderate. you should always stick to plan unless everyone knows about the changes and is okay with that...

on the upside i got to eat mexican food with two of my favorite ladies, sarah and katy. and we had a delightful time.

but then when i went to pick up my check from work. it wasn't there because someone had already taken it to the other store. BAH HUM BUG!!!

i've had a dumb kind of day... a lot of my days have been like that lately. i think i need a bike ride.