waking up is hard to doooooo

oh ok i gotta keep this one short.. only about 16 minutes left on the internet...

erm... everyone here is so polite.

like warning signs are all very polite. instead of saying "do not do this" it says "doing this can be dangerous" hmm not a very good example... more like "Do not stand in front of the subway doors" or the polite "Blocking the doors can be dangerous"

does that even make sense?

we were thinking about going to france tomorrow. but it's going to end up costing like £150 to do that...so we're not sure we want to spend the money yet... it'd be sweet though....

i guess thats all for today. smells like smoke in the computer place.. bleck... head ache.

ooo me and randee bought book lights yesterday and she made her sneak down into my bed last night. it looked just like war of the worlds was attacking..