boom karks

i've got a lot on my mind these days...

as i note prior to..well today, we've got some serious car related trouble (ie fixing the car, paying tickets) so thats an expensive whatever.

it sort of started to hit me this weekend that i'm leaving in approximately 22 days for england.

i have to learn how to let people down easy now.

i have to work A LOT.

i found out that a week after we get back from england my mom is going to basically move to portland for 4 months. she'll be here on the weekends and thats about it. just my mom. no one else is going. she'll be living out of a hotel for 4 months, luckily work will pay for the hotel and gas going back and forth.

it's starting to hit me now that i'll probably be moving out around the same time my mom moves down there. my sister and dad are going to go crazy.

i've got a lot on my plate right now and it seems that more and more stress keeps piling up on me.

what next?