i'm not so sure

i saw the most tragic thing today. well at first it was really funny but then i thought about it and i was sad all the way to work. at which point i promptly forgot about it.

so i was on my way to work and about two minutes down the road from my house i notice a cop car parked between two normal cars on the side of the road. at first glance it looked like maybe a car accident. so i turned to look at the damage and this is what i saw:

the cop and the people had a very skinny brown shaggy dog on a leash.
the dog however had a very bizzare looking muzzle.
when i got to the point where i could see the dogs snout i realized that this was no muzzle.
but in fact it was a jar.
the dog got it's head stuck in a jar.
i laughed.
then i thought about how horrible and scary that would be.
you wouldn't be able to see the cars coming at you on the road as the glass would distort you vision.
so at this point you'd be in a state of panic.
Then on top of the panic and blurred vision there would be the whole not having a lot of air to breath because your head would be blocking any air passages.

i felt so bad for the dog that i couldn't even enjoy how nice out it was.

i always seem to see the saddest accidents. make fun of them at first then realize how bad it really is.