no... she's right.


god so yesterday my sister threw a surprise graduation party for me. that was just a dumb idea. i specifically asked to not have a party but since people went to all this trouble for me i had to pretend to have a good time. it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either. it was lame too because when i first got to my house and walked in the door it was just jacob and levi and chelsey and sandy. then a few more people showed up and i thought "man this isn't so bad. not too many people. i can live with that" but then there ended up being like 30 people there. and i was really disappointed because daniel and devon and randee weren't even invited!!! but then gosh there were so many people at once. ugh. on the upside i got a tent two sleeping bags and chair and a cooler, money, and a loli pop lab and a candy volcano and stationary. who wants a letter? my friends aren't so bad after all. but still parties suck. oh! i forgot fil made me the best present ever! he made me a card! it's so freaking sweet! oh. okay. thats all for now.