Bodies of Water: water parks, water works and water bills.

so today was go to the water park in tacoma day. the crowd included mathias, krista, jacob, levi and myself. turns out the directions mathias found were to the tacoma water and electric building place. dumb. so we didn't go. which i felt bad for because we made jacob drive all the way out there. grr. i feel for him. kind of a lame day.

oh! right. on the way there mathias was making fun of krista's family a lot and said some pretty nasty things. thats when krista turned on the water works. i felt so bad for her. mathias was a jerk today.

so then we dropped krista and mathias off at jol's house and jacob, levi and i went to owens beach and walked around a bit. it was nice. then we came home. i am tired. now is time for work. good. bye.