la dee da! lower your weapons

okay so a few things that are worthy of note, happenings of late as it were.

first of all, i got my diploma in the mail the other day. i guess that means i'm officially done with high school.

second, my parents have become addicted to the television program "dance 3-6-0" and they watch it every friday. My parents have gotten so into the show that my dad wants to go on the show and show off our family dance (passed down from generation to generation.) which is called the clam digger shuffle. if you want to see it you'll have to ask. anyways he added something to it, so maybe he'll win.

third, my car almost got towed this morning. horrible horrible incident. though i'm glad it didn't happen. but it cost me a pretty penny for it not to happen.

i am thinking an ice cream party will happen soon. i'll keep everyone posted on that.