It's a trek not through the stars

WOOT. this is probably going to be a 4 part entry. As i have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow and ... well you'll see. so we'll start with

DAY 1: Friday July 1st
Miles completed: aprox. 3
Time spent traveling: 1.5 hours tops.
Day 1 Roster:
Group 1: Craig, Valerie, Krista, Rosie, Tracy, Levi, Jacob, and myself.
Group 2: Don, Renee, Dara, Sabrina
We left the house at about 7am. Stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast and headed out to the dungeness trail head in sequim. We started the hike and of course about 15 minutes into i fall flat on my face because i looked up instead of down where the roots were sticking out of the ground. Not even ten minutes later i have to stop because my pack has worn a hole through my pants and cut into my leg. NOT FUN! so i got that all fixed up. Other than that the hike went very well and we arrived at Camp Handy around lunchtime. We ate lunch and set up camp. I think krista and i took a nap and then we woke up just in time for dinner. We ate and tried to start a fire. Failed. Tried again. And then the rest of our group arrived around 8.30 and got a pretty good fire going. My feet were cold so i put them in front of the fire and after a number of warnings, my shoes started to smoke and the rubber sole melted. funny. after this we went to bed. didn't sleep. too cold. At this point we have no idea what lays ahead.

More on day two tomorrow.

(note: the commercial levi spoke of when the song came on just played on tv)