WAHHHH! Thunder and lightning storm! yEAH! eoo. i'm so excited. i hope that the computer doesn't electricute me because it's on my lap.
Finally went and saw batman last night. it was good. very good. i can't wait for the next one. man. i was pleased to see raaz al ghul in it. man he was like my all time favorite villian i the batman comics. i wonder if his daughter will be making an appearance in the upandcoming movies? after the movie me and chad went to the beach and walked up and down it. the moon was full i think. or is that tonight? at any rate it was a very relaxing warm night. though my mom freaked out when i got home.

today though is raining and bleh. i'm thinking today is going to be a good day for making art and listening to hood alone in my room. which is pretty much the plan.

zee dop deedle dooooo.

i'm outa here foo.