a little old man just walked past the store to cross the street. when he realized that the traffic on the street was moving at about 25 mph too fast he turned back in the direction he came from. i guess 25 mph was too much for him. so now he's stuck wandering the street in front of the store.
well i guess it's summer...

green tea smells like soap.

work is boring at 6.30 am.

dexter never seems to leave until more customers come. i think this is because he knows that he can't have my undivided attention. such a strange fellow. i wonder if his sister is just like him. i bet she even looks like him. gross.

some guys followed me all the way from gig harbor to work today. it was soooo creepy. i kept telling myself that it was a coincidence that they were headed in the same direction as me. but then when i pulled into work and they screeched past and stopped at the end of the parking spots on the street and parked there i decided they had been following me. i ran into the store and promptly locked the door behind me. this got me so agitated that i even locked the door when no one was in the store and i had to go to the bathroom. it was scary.