What's going on with saddam???

I just finished reading a newspaper article about Saddam's most recent trial. As it turns out the court room apparently erupted into a lot of chaotic yelling and screaming. And it wasn't just the saddam doing the yelling either, it was everyone in the court room, that includes the witnesses called to stand and the tribunal judges.

Anyways my point is, that apparently the lawyers involved in the case have expressed concern for their safety. Our government is supposed to be protecting everyone involved in the trial, witnesses, the judges, the lawyers and of course the defendants. And get this, two of the lawyers involved have already been assassinated.

so as I am reading this I can't help but think to myself, perhaps the US government should focus on protecting the innocent people a little more and maybe just forget that saddam exists for a moment. I was thinking this because the article was talking about Saddam's reactions to some of the testimonies, which was apparently maniacal laughter at some points. Which just screams that he has got to be one of the most sadistic and messed up people on the planet. So by his guardians forgetting about him, I was hoping someone would get a successful assassination attempt and it would all be over with.

I don't even know why they are having a trial for him. He doesn't deserve to have even a glimmer of hope for a second chance... Ugh... What a disgusting person...


Anonymous said...

American troops can't protect those involved in the case, because they're worried about being killed themselves. Troops have been killed at higher and higher rates as each month goes by.

There was an assasination attempt on the Iraqi (puppet) president the other day and according to a recent poll 80% of Iraqis want the Americans out. Forty percent believe that it's justifiable to shoot at American troops. This really sounds like America is winning the Iraqi's hearts and minds, doesn't it? And yet, the President continues to "stay the course".

It's sometimes so painfully obvious to see that world leaders are backed by demonic forces.

{ Daniel }

say rah! said...

40% believe it's justifiable to shoot and american troop? wow. so i guess those teddy bears they've been dropping haven't really done much good, huh?

Natalie said...

see daniel the thing about american troops is, they are supposed to be protecting the people involved in this trial. and if they are too scared to do it they should have chosen a different, less dangerous and scary proffesion.... like say.... florists or something.

Anonymous said...

Who said they're supposed to be protecting the people involved in the trial?

My understanding of the rationale for the invasion was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they were an imminent threat to American security.

Of course that was bogus, but the court that's trying Saddam is an Iraqi court, not an American one, so the Iraqis are responsible for keeping it under control, right?

Probably a better question is why are the Iraqi prosecuting attorneys being targeted by their own people?

I'd venture to guess that the Sunni Iraqis consider the court to be a puppet American operation, just like the Iraqi government itself, and resent its presence. How can you 'protect' people that don't want you there?

I haven't noticed the defense attorney's being worried about their safety.

An insurgency can't last unless it has popular support. The uprising in Iraq can't be explained away as the activity of a band of rogue terrorists or a few "bad apples". For each suicide bomber there has got to be a network of support and silence.

For instance there is still a sizable group of KKK in America. Just because they would like to take down the government doesn't mean they can. Why? Because everybody thinks they're insane and nobody supports them.

The Iraqi insurgency does have the popular support, and the clear message they're sending America is this: Get out now.

And that's when you have to ask the question of why America is there. The oil output has not been what Bush/Cheney thought it would be from Iraq, however they have managed to secure billions of dollars in non-compete contracts for companies they have financial interests in (Halliburton, etc). It's that or they're being driven by demonic forces.

Remember the "Prince of Persia" account in the book of Daniel. It said that and angel dispatched to assist Daniel was held for several days in a struggle with the "Prince of Persia". It has been suggested that this Prince was a demon that may well have been given charge over the region of Persia, and that other wicked spirit creatures might very well be behind world leaders. Surely the sadistic means that Saddam Hussein used suggests that he had demonic influences, and I see no reason to see why demons aren't behind Bush/Cheney, either.

{ Daniel }

Natalie said...

well put daniel. the article i read about the trial said that american soldiers were the ones who were supposed to be protecting those involved. i assume this was because of the lack of iraqi law enforcement... who knows. i guess they just needed a little help...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the rant, Natalie. It's just something I've been thinking a lot about lately. There's a lot of things that are messed up about the situation over there...the trial of Saddam being one of them.

Who knows how these events will turn out in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy? We'll have to wait and see, but I have a feeling that W shook up a hornets nest.

{ Daniel }