if you're not in the mood for a rant don't read this.

so i have had an extremely stressful day. let's take a look at how it went....

This morning i had to wake up at 5:30am to get to work on time. which i did. and that was fine. i was very tired, and only a little sick.

Work was all fine and dandy, kathleen the owner came in (she brought her 15 year old daughter with her too) and made me listen to christmas music all day (wait til you find out how long all day was.)

Someone didn't show up to do their work so the girl who was taking the shift after mine so i could leave had to do her work. But since the owner was there she couldn't do both casually like she normally would. So i covered for her. Which wouldn't have been that long except the kid who was supposed to work the shift after the owner didn't show up until about an hour after he was supposed to. Which meant the owner was staying longer and being angry about working so long. which means a lot of yelling, plus her daughter was pestering her all day which made it that much worse.

So then finally kathleen leaves, takes her daughter with her. but the other kid still hasn't shown up yet. So i have to run both ends of the store, which wasn't difficult, but nonetheless.

5:30 rolls around and the girl who was supposed to work after me finally gets to the point where she can let me go home. 5:30 guys! It ended up being an 11.2 hour shift with no breaks.

so i'm exhausted. But luckily i got paid ($210.42.) and next pay check will appreciate my hard work today. Unfortunately now i feel so crappy.

so i get home and newton is home from the vet. I asked my mom about it. He has to be locked in the bathroom for a few days. and he has a tube sticking out of his chest. And a plastic cone around his head. The vet bill ended up being $190. that's almost my entire pay check. not to mention there are two more vet trips scheduled for the next three weeks. Friday i have to take him in. i don't know where i'm going to get the money for that. Then two weeks from friday i have to take him in again for a checkup. what do these people think? i'm made of money. heck no i work a minimum wage job at 15 hours a week. that barely pays for food. goddamnit.

so i'm broke again. Which means moving out at the begining of the month is out of the question. BUT OH! THERE IS MORE! if i end up getting a job in seattle, that means a commute back and forth everyday which SUCKS because that will exhaust any money i make. i wont be able to save it. so crap. i'm screwed.

do i turn down the job and beg for my old one back? heck no, that shouldn't even be an option.

or do i take a new job and convince my dad to let me work for him for the next few weeks and save up every cent i make?

this sounds like a better plan, except that it means i have to admit to my dad that quitting my job was a bad idea. but it really wasn't because i don't think i could take another month of working there.

so what the heck am i gonna do?


krista said...

be strong.

take a shower.

Natalie said...

thanks krista....

i do need a shower too. i fell asleep after i wrote that and i just woke up at about 11am... and i was wearing my non-pj clothes.. gross.