there are ghosts

I had a dream this afternoon while I was napping.
In my dream I was in the UK again. There was a big group of people there. I recall falling asleep in my dream in a locker room. When I woke up I couldn't walk. I could barely keep my eyes open I was so tired. It was a little scary. I think someone drugged me in my dream. Perhaps it was all of the NyQuil I had been taking this week catching up with me and messing with my mind.

After that dream I had another dream that I had to drive a Semi for my dad's company. I parallel parked it beautifully in one try. I was very impressed with myself. When I had to move it again, it was increddibly difficult to stop because it weighed so much. No matter how hard I stepped on the breaks it wouldn't stop. That was kind of scary.

I have been having very weird dreams lately. ugh.

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