sometimes i get tv and reality confused.

man highspeed internet rules. just wish i didn't have to go downstairs to the office to use it.

anyways today's topic of discussion, Invasion which i know i'm not the only one watching it. I'm totally hooked. i'll admit it. but here's the interesting part.

About a week ago i was driving krista home. Now for those of you not familiar with the area where i live...... it looks something like this, if you drive down the big hill by my house you are in purdy washington. This is a unique little town with a bay in it. Spanning the bay is a small bridge which is connected to the main land and a land bridge called the purdy spit, which is where the key peninsula starts.

now when driving across this land bridge and small man made bridge there is water on both sides. One which eventually leads out to the ocean in a round about way, and one which is really the end of the bay. It might be called henderson bay, i'm not entirely positive.

at any rate when you are driving out to the key peninsula, to your right is the end of the bay.

So on this weird night i am driving out to the key peninsula and i look to my right. Now this is an all private property area. the tide is in completely. I look to my right and there are hundreds of lights in the water. yellow lights the size of say... soft balls.

my first thought is "holy crap there are aliens in purdy!!!"
so i keep driving since if i didn't i would probably cause an accident.

on my way back home i look out there again and the lights are still there. except this time i can see them a little clearer.

it turns out they weren't aliens as in extra terrestrials. but it was more like they were possibly illegal immigrants from mexico harvesting oysters/clams.

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