robots listen to jazz

sometimes when i watch people while they are talking i notice that they blink their eyes a lot, more than normal people do. when that happens i wonder if i do that sometimes.

yesterday i almost bought an ipod. i decided not to... but only so i could save up my money to get an ibook instead. i'll probably need about $1500 to get the bare minimum. hmmph. oh computers. techonology.


Anonymous said...

I have longed for an ipod as well.
But I am going to get a laptop first as well! we're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

I long for an ipod as well. But I am going to get an laptop first. We're on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Natalie,

I recently bought an ibook. Here's my advice: go to Apple's refurbished store, and then log into their education section. Yes, you get an education discount if you're in school. They don't even try to verify whether you are in school or not.

With an education discount and buying certified refurbished, I got mine for a little over $600. My set up is 12" ibook / G4 / 256 RAM / 30 GB Hard Drive / CD-RW.

You can pick up another 1 GB RAM from a third party seller for $150, also.