hold on loosely

i found myself reading the most amusing blog i have ever read before just now.

ugh. let me start over.

i'm at work. i've had a total of 4 people walk in the store. The first was shortly after i opened the door and then just now 2 of our regulars a couple.. very funny people, and simultaneously the milk delivery guy, who coincidentally just take coffee when he feels like it. needless to say, i'm bored out of my mind!

so i've been catching up on all this dilbert nonsense that i have been missing out on the last few days. The DNRC newsletter was the first order of business. which i found satisfactory as usual. but mr. adams made note that he started a blog. which was more than satisfactory, it was hilarious. So funny in fact that i was laughing so hard that i flailed my arms about like a crazy person and knocked over my glass of water. which lead to a large slippery mess on the concrete floor. which i proceded to laugh harder about and slip as i pick up my cup. shortly thereafter these people, our regulars, bruce and debbie come in and as i get some hot water for a cup of tea i manage to get distracted and pour hot water ALL over the floor. which bruce of course has to make fun of me as much as possible.

so now.. i had to take a breif break from writing this because i had another couple come in and they just wanted tea again. and so i just went to hand the lady her tea and i litterally ran into the guy, who was sitting down minding his own business...

what is my problem today? ewwwwww now they're making out.. ugh..gross.. *shudder*

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