eat your vegetables

today i came to the realization that my brain is begining to atrophe. it's a combination of neglecting to read and watching tv instead and doing more than my usual ammount of exercise. i've notice this change in katy as well. since she began jazzercising with the girls she's gotten a little dumber. it's dissapointing. coincidentally i'm rather pleased with the fact that my parents have yet to succumb the technology and get digital cable with ondemand. i think i would litterally be a vegetable by now if we already had it. three weeks was enough.

(there is currently a war going on between the upstairs and the downstairs. the upstairs is losing. which is sad. but i will admit it's not a fair game. the game is this: upstairs connects to internet. downstairs attempts to connect. upstairs gets kicked off. upstairs retaliates with reconnection. downstairs says something along the lines of "oh someone is online upstairs" and the comcast guy finally comes to fix the problem.)

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