Yet again blogger has made me realize just how much i miss having normal webspace, where i can edit all the codes myself. and make it just how i want.

granted, i really appreciate the simplicity of blogger, and how they give you a nice variety of templates to choose from, i just wish i could do more with it. grmm. hmph.


Tahoma Activist said...

Hey Natalie, thanks for posting on my blog. For future reference, however, try to keep comments sort of formal (not too personal) I'd like the blog to have a kind of letter to the editor quality, so it works best if we don't address each other directly in the comments. Feel free to email me (you can access it by going to my profile) for more personal stuff. Keep up the great work, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Natalie,
Blogger lets you customize your files. They're coded in CSS/HTML, so you'd have to learn CSS (which is TOTALLY worth it). CSS is a super powerful and time saving tool. Here's a quick how-to guide: Stylesheet Tutorial.