ahhh wow.

my dad sneezed three times and at the fourth this is what it sounded like "AHHHHHH....wow" he was in shock of the lack of sneeze.

i made him get some nyquil for me so i can sleep tonight without drowning in my own mucous. I know that when i wake up in the morning there will be a fresh coat of slime over my vocal cords preventing me from speaking in a normal non squeaking voice.

lets be optimisitic for a moment.

being sick has it's downsides but really there is other side. which isn't necessarily all good but... anyways i'll get to the point. Occasionally i lose my voice when i'm ill. it doesn't happen to often, but this time i can forsee it happening. Oh but it's so much fun though, it's like you're a prepubescent boy again and your voice cracks constantly. And you can forget about singing! hah! that's just a total joke.

and then there is this other thing where if i'm sick enough since i work in food service i am NOT allowed to go to work. hopefully this will work out for tomorrow night. lets keep our fingers crossed...

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