a quick lesson in: rawmeatology

i got some interesting responses to the previous post i put up about mold. this was however simply my own irrational fears and oppinions.. only parts were based on scientific fact... but now i've got something very interesting to show you all.

This is all true... and for those weak of stomach... you might want to not see this...

okay so here's the deal. On the occasion i actually learn something from watching tv. On this particular occasion i learned that there is a guy named Aajonus Vonderplanitz who eats rotten, uncooked food and that is it. He wont eat the food unless it is at least a year old. Generally it's rotten meat. Which as we all know putrifying meat is probably one of the nastiest smelling/looking things around. He also wont eat it in the house for obvious reasons.

Now you might be asking yourself, "Why would someone do that?"

i asked myself the same question. i also was under the impression that food that has not been cooked let alone has completely rotted was deadly. i guess i was wrong. so i continued watching to see just why he kept such a strict diet of rotten food.

so basically this guy was suffering from around 7 incurable diseases.. so after he got cancer a nurse gave him a pamphlet on raw carrot juice, which i read with great difficulty due to his dislexia. And miraculously after a week or two of drinking raw carrot juice his dislexia was cured.

later when his cancer got worse and he was nearly 30 years old he was fasting to kill himself in an indian burial ground and some cyotes brought him some raw meat. which he ate and the next day he was practically cured... thus the cycle began...

i can't even begin to tell the whole story but if you read this interview with him you'll get his life story. it's not too long and it is quite interesting...

never the less this is a totally disgusting thing... but apparently it's worked for a number of people...

oh but here's a new development in our story of Aajonus Vonderplanitz:
non of the articles that i read said anything about him eating "rotten" foods.. just raw foods. so ripley's believe it or not lied too me... hmph. either way it's still gross.*shudder*



Yet again blogger has made me realize just how much i miss having normal webspace, where i can edit all the codes myself. and make it just how i want.

granted, i really appreciate the simplicity of blogger, and how they give you a nice variety of templates to choose from, i just wish i could do more with it. grmm. hmph.

sometimes i get tv and reality confused.

man highspeed internet rules. just wish i didn't have to go downstairs to the office to use it.

anyways today's topic of discussion, Invasion which i know i'm not the only one watching it. I'm totally hooked. i'll admit it. but here's the interesting part.

About a week ago i was driving krista home. Now for those of you not familiar with the area where i live...... it looks something like this, if you drive down the big hill by my house you are in purdy washington. This is a unique little town with a bay in it. Spanning the bay is a small bridge which is connected to the main land and a land bridge called the purdy spit, which is where the key peninsula starts.

now when driving across this land bridge and small man made bridge there is water on both sides. One which eventually leads out to the ocean in a round about way, and one which is really the end of the bay. It might be called henderson bay, i'm not entirely positive.

at any rate when you are driving out to the key peninsula, to your right is the end of the bay.

So on this weird night i am driving out to the key peninsula and i look to my right. Now this is an all private property area. the tide is in completely. I look to my right and there are hundreds of lights in the water. yellow lights the size of say... soft balls.

my first thought is "holy crap there are aliens in purdy!!!"
so i keep driving since if i didn't i would probably cause an accident.

on my way back home i look out there again and the lights are still there. except this time i can see them a little clearer.

it turns out they weren't aliens as in extra terrestrials. but it was more like they were possibly illegal immigrants from mexico harvesting oysters/clams.


A quick lesson in moldology

I've been taking a step back lately and looking at myself. I decided that it must be pretty interesting to be me. How so? Well let me take a moment to explain myself.

First, I'm a self diagnosed hypochondriac.

Second, I'm mildly obsessive compulsive. At this point you could ask yourself this, "Is she really obsessive compulsive or is she making this all up."

Third, I'm extremely paranoid about mold. This one may need some detailing. It goes like this, mold isn't good for you. If you are allergic to it, it can be deadly. Now how would one go about knowing if they were allergic to mold or not? Most people can determine their mold allergy status by simply being around it and experiencing the typical allergy symptoms, such as a running nose, itchy eyes etc. Now here's the problem, if you're like me and you're allergic to most things that are airborne, you can't tell what is causing the allergic reaction, the mold or say, the dust or pollen, or someone's overuse of perfume.

So this brings me to my final point. If you aren't positive you are allergic to mold and you eat a piece of moldy bread or cheese and you are allergic to it you could potentially die. Am I right?

Oh now here is an interesting biology fact for you. When you see the mold flower (the green parts) on your food or whatever, the mold has already spread itself through out the entire thing. Try and think of it this way: if you put a time release capsule of water inside of a sponge and waited for it to go off, you wouldn't know when the capsule burst until the water reached the edges of the sponge. Mold works the same way. It could be inside your loaf of bread or brick of cheese for days before you know its there.

And people think I'm crazy when I won't eat cheese that they "just cut the mold off of."

sorry I got a little sidetracked and didn't finish my original thought process. I wont bore you with that now.


there are ghosts

I had a dream this afternoon while I was napping.
In my dream I was in the UK again. There was a big group of people there. I recall falling asleep in my dream in a locker room. When I woke up I couldn't walk. I could barely keep my eyes open I was so tired. It was a little scary. I think someone drugged me in my dream. Perhaps it was all of the NyQuil I had been taking this week catching up with me and messing with my mind.

After that dream I had another dream that I had to drive a Semi for my dad's company. I parallel parked it beautifully in one try. I was very impressed with myself. When I had to move it again, it was increddibly difficult to stop because it weighed so much. No matter how hard I stepped on the breaks it wouldn't stop. That was kind of scary.

I have been having very weird dreams lately. ugh.


robots listen to jazz

sometimes when i watch people while they are talking i notice that they blink their eyes a lot, more than normal people do. when that happens i wonder if i do that sometimes.

yesterday i almost bought an ipod. i decided not to... but only so i could save up my money to get an ibook instead. i'll probably need about $1500 to get the bare minimum. hmmph. oh computers. techonology.


ahhh wow.

my dad sneezed three times and at the fourth this is what it sounded like "AHHHHHH....wow" he was in shock of the lack of sneeze.

i made him get some nyquil for me so i can sleep tonight without drowning in my own mucous. I know that when i wake up in the morning there will be a fresh coat of slime over my vocal cords preventing me from speaking in a normal non squeaking voice.

lets be optimisitic for a moment.

being sick has it's downsides but really there is other side. which isn't necessarily all good but... anyways i'll get to the point. Occasionally i lose my voice when i'm ill. it doesn't happen to often, but this time i can forsee it happening. Oh but it's so much fun though, it's like you're a prepubescent boy again and your voice cracks constantly. And you can forget about singing! hah! that's just a total joke.

and then there is this other thing where if i'm sick enough since i work in food service i am NOT allowed to go to work. hopefully this will work out for tomorrow night. lets keep our fingers crossed...


hungry hungry hippos

whoa... we played football today and it was the most ridiculous injury game yet.

first i go to tackle zach and he does a sort of kartwheel as he's going down and kicks me in the eye with his cleets. so i get a black eye and it's split so it bleeds a little.

then chad tackles mathias and hits him in the nose, so mathias' nose is gushing blood the entire game. gruesome.

it was a good game.


plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is

last night i had a dream that there was a war. and i was fighting in it. the part that is most vivid to me is this, I had a gold samurai sword. I was to fight the best samurai in the world. I fought him. and i cut both of his arms off in the end. then i slit his throat. it was terrible.

shortly after i won this fight people started going crazy. There were no sides anymore people were fighting simply to stay alive. One man was trying to kill me. so i was running away. And i reached this group of girls. They were being protected by some military guy and he needed a break so he requested that i watch over them for the time being.

So i'm there protecting them with a flame thrower. then this guy walks up and he's looking pretty suspicious so i asked him for his identification and he said it was in his other bag. so i said "get out of here right now" and he wouldn't leave. so i had to use force. but then all the girls started freaking out and getting all worried and crying and i was tired of it so i said to them "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL A MAN WITH A SAMURAI SWORD! SHUT UP!" and then pevsner(my cat) woke me up. she was lonely this morning.

that was my dream... weird dream.


eat your vegetables

today i came to the realization that my brain is begining to atrophe. it's a combination of neglecting to read and watching tv instead and doing more than my usual ammount of exercise. i've notice this change in katy as well. since she began jazzercising with the girls she's gotten a little dumber. it's dissapointing. coincidentally i'm rather pleased with the fact that my parents have yet to succumb the technology and get digital cable with ondemand. i think i would litterally be a vegetable by now if we already had it. three weeks was enough.

(there is currently a war going on between the upstairs and the downstairs. the upstairs is losing. which is sad. but i will admit it's not a fair game. the game is this: upstairs connects to internet. downstairs attempts to connect. upstairs gets kicked off. upstairs retaliates with reconnection. downstairs says something along the lines of "oh someone is online upstairs" and the comcast guy finally comes to fix the problem.)


OH! Canada

an old man once told me a joke. it went something like this:

him- do you know how they got the name canada?
me- no... i guess not.
him- they pulled letters out of a bag.
me- oh?
him- yeah they pulled them out this way "c eh. n eh. d eh."

it's a terrible joke.

tomorrow is work ass off day, then drive to canada and relax to why? night. should be exciting to the max.


hold on loosely

i found myself reading the most amusing blog i have ever read before just now.

ugh. let me start over.

i'm at work. i've had a total of 4 people walk in the store. The first was shortly after i opened the door and then just now 2 of our regulars a couple.. very funny people, and simultaneously the milk delivery guy, who coincidentally just take coffee when he feels like it. needless to say, i'm bored out of my mind!

so i've been catching up on all this dilbert nonsense that i have been missing out on the last few days. The DNRC newsletter was the first order of business. which i found satisfactory as usual. but mr. adams made note that he started a blog. which was more than satisfactory, it was hilarious. So funny in fact that i was laughing so hard that i flailed my arms about like a crazy person and knocked over my glass of water. which lead to a large slippery mess on the concrete floor. which i proceded to laugh harder about and slip as i pick up my cup. shortly thereafter these people, our regulars, bruce and debbie come in and as i get some hot water for a cup of tea i manage to get distracted and pour hot water ALL over the floor. which bruce of course has to make fun of me as much as possible.

so now.. i had to take a breif break from writing this because i had another couple come in and they just wanted tea again. and so i just went to hand the lady her tea and i litterally ran into the guy, who was sitting down minding his own business...

what is my problem today? ewwwwww now they're making out.. ugh..gross.. *shudder*