thinking about roadkill today.
what happens to roadkill after it's flattened?
my theory is this:
after an animal is hit it becomes 2 dimentional.
what else is 2 dimentional.
when you hit a cute little bunny, or squirrel, or a cat, it becomes a cartoon.
i guess the same would go for people.
if you hit a person with your car and they die, they become a cartoon.
how do you think elmer fud came into existence?

so i guess what i'm trying to say is:
roadkill is short for cartoon.

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wesleyborden said...

man i t5ink that probably if you add the road imprint into roads and concrete with rocks and gun and ciggerretter butts, with blood and and bone marrow and popped veins. brain stem.

crushed vertebrea.